Good SEO produces Websites that Can be Found


What Good is a Website that Nobody Can Find?


At Baker Dynamics we know how to build websites that can be found and really, isn't that what you need? If nobody can find your website nothing else counts. Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires proper structure and controls which allow you to keep up with the ever changing requirements of today’s search engines. We don't just build great looking websites, we continue to work with you after your website goes live to help your business be found! SEO doesn't have to be complicated or expensive; if you have a tight budget, we can help with advice to help you increase your page rankings yourself. We'll tell you what constitutes good META tags (Keywords and Description)


  • How important your page title is
  • What your Keywords should be
  • How to find out the Keywords customers in your area search for
  • Give you advice on how to structure your page text for better rankings
  • The importance of Links and what pitfalls to avoid


Do you have a beautiful, well designed website that never rises above page 10 ?? 

It looks great and is quite impressive; your company put a lot of time and effort

into planning and developing it to be exactly what you wanted your customers to see.

But not what search engines need to see and so...


Google can't find it and neither can anyone who would be a new customer.


The Good News is Your Website Can Be Found


Just about every other day, I get solicitations from services who can boost my rankings, everyone does. These services come with a price but my clients do not need them because we have already helped their websites be found and their tools came for free. Google, Yahoo and BING control over 90% of the search engine business and are your gateway to new customers. We provide professionals working in the USA to help you understand how SEO works on your side. This is what Search Engine Optimization is all about ... helping search engines and new customers find you.


Your Website Can Be Found and Ranked on Page One


If your ranking is not where you want it, all is not lost putting a little work into your website each month will often times give amazing results! You are not in the SEO business but your efforts can produce amazing results; you just need someone to give you the right advice and guidance. We are happy to make an in depth analysis of your current site and either help you do what you need to have your website be found or do it for you. You may want a whole new site but many times minor tweaks and good advice will do the trick. If you do decide to redesign your site, every site we build has all the tools you need and your website can be found.


Contact us today and let us help you.


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